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Past Inspections

A Word to the Consumer
Home inspections are not intended to point out every small problem or items that cannot be seen known as latent defects. However, it will list all major defects in your home or the home you are looking to purchase. This is a visual inspection of the condition of the structure and all the systems in your house. When accessible, Sure Check will walk your roof and visually inspect your chimney. Now check below at some of Sure Check's inspection history!

Some of our past inspections include the following:

Inspection #1

Below are some examples of roof damage. In the photo on the right, leakage has caused a hole in the roof of this home. Sure Check believes in a hands or rather "feet-on" approach to the rooftops of homes, that is why we go up onto your roof and get the closest look possible.

Inspection #2

This charming home gets a closer look from above the chimney and below the roof. The chimney flue is deteriorating and on the right, plywood under the roof that supports shingles is drooping. This may lead to roof leakage.


Inspection #3

This section is devoted to crawl spaces. Often times home inspectors do not even traverse into the depths of your crawl space and all the while something like this could be going on! On the left, this home's washer is draining into the crawl space. In the middle photo, the homes insulation is practically nonexistent. And last but not least in the right picture, one of the foundation beams shifted south an inch resulting in a cracking frame up through the floor and walls in the living room. Sure Check will always go that extra mile by getting into your crawl space and making sure that everything is as it should be.


Inspection #4

Home inspections are not meant to be all gray skies. Below are some beautiful locations that Sure Check has proudly inspected. The opportunity to inform and educate clients about the condition of their existing home or the home they hope to purchase is the foundation that Sure Check was built upon. Contact Sure Check Home Inspections today and let us help you get one step closer to the front door of your dream home!  


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